Model: (Click to see more) 58242: Wild Willy 2
Status: Runner
Date: 3-May-2012
Comments: 3
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Finally got round to painting me other wild willy body last week ,body is metalic blue and willy himself in pearl blue and silver with two coats of laquer.Turned out well, i love polishing my willy. lol




A very nice looking Willy, looks great in bleu!



Looks great! These look a lot better when not in box art! I do like the box art on the WW2 but its a definite improvement when its in other colours!
Your Willy stands out!! ( got to be so careful of the willy jokes creeping in!!lol ) very nice colour!
I must say I am a big fan of the WW2 now! They are very charismatic!! and crackers to drive!!

All the best.

Cheers MAD-BEE



Thanks mate yeah these are fun to drive and look better when done non box art... Cheers

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