Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Project
Date: 11-May-2012
Comments: 7
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Well, I thought that Tamiya was the end-all, be all of R/C (ok, it still is!) until one night not long ago I found myself snooping around ebay looking at Kyoshos. It was then I discovered the Optima and then...the TURBO OPTIMA! What a great looking buggy! Then this Optima pops up and judging by the pictures, it looks pretty complete and in good shape. No body, wheels or tires though. Marwan is taking care of the body and a cool set of You-G wheels/Hotshot tires takes care of the rest! I'm really excited to do my first Kyosho resto! I downloaded a manual off the net and I must say that Tamiya outdid Kyosho in that department! Can't wait until my new Turbo Optima body gets here!




Nice Optima, You´ve found. Looks like it´s in good shape. Imo, You should put an Optima body on it, not a Turbo. The car is an Optima not a Turbo Optima



I agree with Dennis, plus I think the Optima shell looks nicer. Nice find though Viperchief, looks a cracker!



Lookin good condition-wise and equipped with the LeMans motor. I'm noticing the intriguing resemblance in the suspension/damper geometry to the similar period Avante designs...



Thanks guys! True, it is not a T.O., but I really favor the look of the Turbo over the regular Optima. Of course, I could always have both bodies!



nice find viperchief looks to be in good condition and the superstock 34 motor is a nice little motor plenty of pace off the one fitted to my raider looking forward to see how it looks with these wheels ive got a set fitted to one of my rockys which like this is just waiting for a shell but ive a couple of spare sets so my optima pro could be a candidate depending how badly i want to copy yours lol !!

Road Burner


I just installed a brushless system in my optima, these are great buggies!!



Nice find, you'll have fun painting the body, my tip is to use Tamiya PC paints using a brush, not spray, its much easier to control.

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