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Status: New built
Date: 15-May-2012
Comments: 4
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This is my new built OTO bike.unbelievable build quality.1/8 scale 50+mph will go round corners like it on rails. it has disc brakes all round including double on the front and one on the rear. i am running it with just one front disc and the esc for the back brake, otherwise it just flips over when you brake. hopefully if it ever stops raining i may get it out to run. this was lucky find, won some bike bits on ebat and emailed the guy to make the payment and mentioned i was after one of these and hey presto he came back saying he had a new built one that he wanted to sell.. happy days. Anyone else got one of these?

same scale as one of my Kyosho Hors




Many people here (Spain) raced modified OTOs at the past Nationals while others (me) succeeded with custom prototypes (see my showroom...). Front brakes add binding to the steering due to the rigidity of the brake lines that alter steering input, and no one use them at our races. In fact, I know two guys that installed front brake servo under lower triple to fix this binding issues... Enjoy riding this little jewel



I got 2 of them



A pure wonder ! really like the brake discs, nice find



I realy would like some of were to use them around my area.looks real nice mate

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