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Date: 18-May-2012
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So here is my attempt at some of the shells you can see in my showroom of scanned magazine pics. Really like the team moo shell on the bosscat, simple but effective I think. Other one is just a fade from purple to yellow again quit a simple one but sometimes these can look better on the older shells I think. The bottom pics of the procat and bosscat are of shells/cars Ive sprayed over the years but no longer own, but thought worth adding anyway. The bosscat was sold to a guy on here chiprandall from memory I belive a fellow member bought it from him. If you check out my showroom and look at the bosscat works you will see my current shell like the last pic except painted by a pro (which is'nt me!!!)

white applied pink and black details finished with shading around windows then blue mettalic purple into flat yellow any schumacher fan will have seen this scheme B4!! simple but effective, wish I had'nt of sold it now -painted this years ago!! all done with cans!!




Its a risky stratagy but I like to paint the shell then cut afterwards, have made a few mistakes in the past and ruined a perfectly good paint job!! I use a mixture of spray cans (usually tamiya paint) the airbrush for detailing



Great work! Love the Schueys (as you well know)

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