Model: (Click to see more) 58058: Blackfoot
Status: Runner
Date: 4-Jun-2012
Comments: 7
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Whilst walking round my annual pilgrimage to Stonor Park for a VW meet, I was looking on a stall that held a lot of interest to me. I spotted this Blackfoot, looking very clean and straight and fell in love with it. On first asking for a price, ''£70'' was the reply, so I walked away, sure that someone would soon snap it up. On my second walk around, back I went, and to my amazement, she was still there, now with £65 happily displayed in a green star sticker. My brother knew that I wanted this, and as I was about £20 short, he lent me the rest. I cheekily asked the stall holder if he'd take £60, which he said (probably slightly reluctantly!) YES! So I am now the proud of owner of this lovely example, and I also got to meet Dazmeister! So here are a few pics, and a big THANK YOU for selling it to me!

And Radio Gear! And A Beaties Bag! And NOT BROKEN! EITHER SIDE!!!

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Blackfoot Rubicon




WOW......Very Nice!!!!, I love a good story !!!!!



Tidy bargain you got there. The 'Shell' decals suit it too



Looks very good! Who doesn't love the Black Foot?



Just happy to see it go to a good home and even better for it to crop up on Tamiyaclub!



Wicked truck ! love these things. How was Stoner ? I have never made it to that show but would love too, as well as my RC cars I have some pics of my Splitty on here and just put up my mates buggy that I helped him build.



Considering the bad weather, it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Nowhere as busy or crowded as normal, but I was surprised! I haven't missed Stonor for about the last nine years or so, one of my favourite meets as its so chilled out and in such beautiful surroundings. Daz - were you on no-rice at some point, as I seem to remember seeing the pics of your Police Passat on there a few years back?



The show was a bit wet but I managed to shift a few bits and make a little money. Yeah I have been to the No-Rice meet in the POLIZEI B3, that was a fun car but not for the shy and retiring type that I really am. Currently restored a B1 Passat Coupe, will put some pics in my showroom of it.

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