Model: (Click to see more) 44015: GP TGX-Mk.1 TRF Sp Chassis (w/Engine)
Status: Restored
Date: 16-Jun-2012
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This was my first car after getting back into the hobby and purchased it many years ago. It was also a Tamiya and my first nitro car. The kit was a TRF Special kit which came with some hop-ups. After running in the engine the car had one tank of fuel through it and then retired to the shelf.
Years later i decided that i wanted to add more upgrades(as many as possible) and so then the long patient search began and a lot of cash as the parts weren't cheap.
The silver chassis that came with the kit was not the best looking so that was replaced with a lovely blue racing one. The plastic top deck was replaced with a carbon fibre one.
Other upgrades included rear aluminium uprights, hard aluminium front and rear suspension, front and rear universal drive shafts, aluminium brake bracket, hop-up clutch shoe and a carbon fibre propeller shaft. I did also replace the tuned pipe/Manifold with a polished Picco one to match the Picco Race Engine and involved a lot of time and patience to get this done.
There were some wear to some plastic parts from when the engine was run in and all parts were also replaced with all new ones apart from the shock springs which i am still searching for.
The body was also replaced with a Subaru one and all 4 wheels and tyres were also replaced with rally style ones to match.
Overall after a very long wait it is now finished and i must say that i am well happy with the result.
Thanks to all for looking and for any comments.




Oh, this is great! I was really into TG10's back in 2005 (Still have them all an engines), so I can appreciate what you have here... This looks great, and is probably going to be a classic and very rare car... Looks like a fabulous restoration. I need to do this with my TG10's! Cheers!



Really cool chassis!



Thanks for your comments guys. Skottoman i never has a TG10 but remember them well. I think that there like the 1/10 version of the TGX and i always remember seeing lots of upgrades that were available for them, many more than the TGX. So if you do decide to restore your TG10's and add Hop-ups then they will come out fantastic and you will not be disappointed. Cheers!
speedy w beans - it is a stunning chassis and looks much better in the flesh...Cheers!

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