Model: (Click to see more) 56024: Jagdpanther ( full option kit )
Status: Runner
Date: 21-Jul-2012
Comments: 2
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This is some mods I've just about finished on my Jgapdanther. When dirving the barrel bounced up and down, and the side to side momvemnt was not great at all. Whe i investigated, I found that the mounting for the gun elevation sytem was very flexible and this was a large degree of the bouncing. I made a new mount of aluminium which does not flex, and at the same added a mini servo to turn the barrel left and right, instead of using the standard swivel mootr. The servo is plugged directly into the receiver on channel 4. everything still works ok, but the servo glitches considerably if the transmitter is tuned of before the receiver now. (Maybe some filtering is required.) I'm also going to replace the stand gun elevation track rod with one with ball joints on both ends to eliminate a bit more slop, so I should have a very steady barrel when driving off road now. I much prefer the gun control for the left and right as well, as now moving the stick full left gives me full left on the gun, rather than having to hold the stick until the motor starts clicking (This is the traverse gearbox slipping) with the standard unit.

1 Servo fitted with new aluminium gun mount Neat servo installation. Loads of room :) 2 ball joints for elevation to reduce slop Much more support for gun mounting Chunky aluminium mount for gun elevation motor Control rod for gun traverse Servo mounting




Your custom fabricating is truly amazing...



Hmm, I dunno, it took me 8-10 hours to make it.....

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