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Date: 24-Jul-2012
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Great Racing and a Great Atmosphere: That's what the Kampenhout GP is all about! This annual racing event in Belgium draws people from many countries, and though the European Championships stopped TRFs Lee Martin from coming, there were some drivers who decided the fun of the Kampenhout GP was worth more than attending the Euros!

Anyway, I managed to get on the driver list on the last practice day, and I also had my brand new camera with me! Though of course I didn't get any pictures of my own car, I did have about 1800 pictures (after filtering out the bad stuff) in just 3 days!

I'd love to share all of it, but I guess I shouldn't spam TC like that! :P I guess though it would be fine to share the best pictures with you! :) Enjoy!

PS: The pictures don't give an accurate representation of the percentage of Tamiyas that entered the race

Let's start off with a very TAMIYA shot! And one to show you how diverse the weather was! A Mid-Motor converted TRF201 by Vega-Elite... Very exciting fights from start to finish! Lots of different brands were represented... Guess the fate of that Kyosho in front? :) However, it was not all Tamiya dominance! A slightly less edited picture than picture #6 FYI: He did make that jump without crashing :) RudeBits DB1... A very strange Buggy, look it up!


super gripper


good pictures of the cars, just looks like a normal race here in the UK. Astro, bit wet, lots of makes and the DB1 buggy I saw being tested. I do this every weekend, after all thats what TRF buggies are for !!



Great pictures! I especially like the sixth photo with the water spraying up from the tires.

Road Burner


Wow that looks exciting, great shots!



Good Times !!!

Fernado Alonso


Looks like a very nice event
Last picture buggy looks like a 1/8 truggy with front cabine
Nice pitures and very wet track!!



Thanks guys! @Super Gripper: I bet it is! You don't have those crazy Danish racers come over for a race though... Seriously, those people were twisted in a scary and fun way!

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