Model: (Click to see more) 58029: 4x4 Blazing Blazer
Status: Project
Date: 3-Aug-2012
Comments: 5
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found some time to paint the body and made some homebrew servo holders. There are still some things missing - but as times come by i will have some ideas to finish it.

Color is Coral Blue and Racing Green. Decals are leftovers from other cars, as well as the pipes and the front bumper (PVC tube)

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Crash Cramer


WOW, this really has gotten along nicely. I don't want to pick at all, but I wonder if some nice newer tires from RC4WD or something like the BFG tread would be a bit better looking and fit on that rim. It is awesome to see this and I can easily think I would see these in real scale nearly daily around me as folks hold onto the old 4x4 Chevy trucks. Good job on this.



Hi Crash Cramer, u are right with the tires, but as i have spend a max of 10 hours the last year with my cars .... i'm happy to have this one that far when time comes by i find some nice tires for it to be more street compatible. cheers

Max Power


Really nice looking truck, I love your choice of colours.

SRB Bloke


Nice to see something different on the Blazer...



That looks really smart and original.

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