Model: (Click to see more) 58028: Toyota 4x4 Pick Up
Status: Extra info
Date: 14-Aug-2012
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The rest of the family went up onto Dartmoor today and I saw the oppoutunity to try out my new high lift. I bought my Hilux along aswell just to make it more interesting and see how it performs as I have only driven it around the garden and on the beach. WOW! I was impressed nearly 30 years seperates this pair and there isn't much different the good old Hilux still held her own against her younger brother. I must say though I really enjoy driving my High Lift, it was the perfect terrian for it. Apoligies for the bad qaulity images I forgot my normal camera. Thanks for looking, feel free to comment! Marcus

30 years seperates these two The old girl going for it. And she got up it! Some thick grass for some scale shots I did scrape a chassis rail but it's fine Lots of very scale ruts and gulleys My favourite pick. The old girl in all her glory! 1 Really surprised it got up this The new boy. Performed brilliantly

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Hilux^s first trip to the beach




Like the wheels on the F350, don't mind me inquiring on the brand? Tamiya should have released them with these wheel/tyre combo from the start as it transforms the look big time!



Hi Sunnyjai, Thanks for the comment. To be honest I bought this truck from fleabay as there is no way I could afford a new one. It came with the wheels on and there are no markings on them. I agree it really transforms the look.



I LOVE these photos of offroading in England... I'm a big fan of the geography there... Just look at that first photo! Wow!

about 8 years ago I drove through the country and love the terrain...

What a great pair of trucks you have, I'm jealous, and that old girl of yours looks like she's doing just fine up there.

Awesome trucks!



One of my best vacations in the UK was to Devon/Dorset and spent a day on the moor! Nice to see this duo of iconic Tamiya's being run there!



Beautiful cars, beautiful scenery. Lovely seeing the old Hilux out there doing what it was designed for.

Fernado Alonso


Oh wow the black looks so good on the oldie
Nice pictures together!!!



Now that looks like a fun day out .

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