Model: (Click to see more) 58024: Sand Rover
Status: Other
Date: 8-Sep-2012
Comments: 5
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Restoration gone wrong! I wonder if Tamiya Club is interested in doing a 'Horror Section', not for someones twisted view of how a kit should look but for genuine mistakes in the pursuit of perfection. I work as as a technical trainer for the fast fit industry and believe we learn, adapt and improve based on our mishaps. Look closely at the pics, the body shell is fine but the chassis has changed colour, texture and strength, some cracks have appeared and is now totally useless. I completely blame myself, some plastics do not react well to brake fluid; did I leave it in too long?? Did I use the wrong grade?? Bought some grafiti remover instead now!


SRB Bloke


Oops!!! can you save it?? There is some good news, the price of these have dropped a lot on ebay.. Keep us updated..



Ouch, I steer clear of both brake fluid (can cause cancer) and Graffiti remover (can mess with the surface of the plastic). I swear by Simple Green all purpose cleaner (its a degreaser, biodegradable and gets everything off with no damage to the plastic). At least the shell is OK.



Why did you put the chassis in brake fluid? Was it painted too? I have removed paint with brake fluid many times, but not experienced this on abs plastic. Lexan have been foggy though. I think it has something to do with how long you soak in brake fluid. I never give my bodies a bath in brake fluid overca long time, but only use a brush and apply it on the body, heat up the fluid with a hairdryer, and the paint comes off.



omg its a horror story thats for sure you could paint the chassis black but as some one once said you can't polish a turd..................

Sad Sammy


I'll own up! I painted the chassis in my youth! Now a consenting adult I thought I'd take it back to original! Still, I'm learning??

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