Model: (Click to see more) 58097: Super Astute
Status: Extra info
Date: 10-Sep-2012
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Finally, here it is: A decent photoshoot of my Super Astute! Ever since I owned the car, I wanted good pictures of it, but I never made or really had the time to do an extensive outdoor shoot... Until now! The first (indoor) shoot didn't do it justice, though I think these do! Enjoy! :)

Box-Art-ish shot? :) Not many 2WD buggies look this good! Legendary! It's bright trademark... Even with the vibrance of the picture tuned down! Easy Eddie has a good taste! The exposed motor is not practical... ...But like everything else on the car, beautiful! So what do you think... ...Are these pictures good enough?

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Super Bright!


Crash Cramer


Very nice photo shoot, I like it, just cover the motor with a rubber bag, should help loads.



Thanks Crash Cramer I think the exposed motor is particularly impractical in a racing situation (I see it taking some hits) - I didn't even think about dust and debry though, it may be pretty harmful, too!



Awesome...would love one of these Bad Boys



These cars are just lovely - I know they might seem pricy, but as long as Tamiya doesn't re-release it I don't see it's value becoming instable, so you could see it as an investment I don't see Tamiya re-releasing this somehow, if they re-release one it will be the regular Astute I think (even if that is with some Super Astute parts trees on there), not the Super Astute.



Hi Paul, this post is my very first to be added as a favourite! Great shots Mate.

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