Model: (Click to see more) 58060: Monster Beetle
Status: Restored
Date: 13-Sep-2012
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Hi people,

here is my Monster Beetle finally finished. The body has been completely stripped. There were 4 layers of paint and stripping has been not so easy and quick. The nosecone is glued to the rest of the shell and all painted with Tamiya TS-8 Italian Red as manual reference.
The red on the body is really bright, shiny and nice and the matte desaturated red plastic chassis didn't do justice to the car. So I decided to paint the chassis also.
The front lamps are different from other Monster Beetle ones. I didn't like all black lamps so decided to make the front part of the lamps white as all every other lamps on Tamiya cars (Hornet, Falcon, Grasshopper for example).

The rest of the car is original apart the motor (don't like silver can) and new original gold wheels and tires are stored somewhere in my home. The car is full ball raced.
Would like to change the dampers with some gold aluminum ones but they are really difficult to find.
Another new in box spare body with decals is stored somewhere in my house. Any comment is appreciated.

PS: Ops! Forgot to paint the tail lights...

EDIT: 21/10/2013

Just bought and mounted the aluminum bodymounts brace hop up.

Thanks to TC and its members, this is a must have optional on this monster truck.

Right/front side view. Right/rear side view. Left/front side view. Left/rear side view. The white & black lamps. The chassis without the body. TS-8 painted chassis matches better with the body. Aluminum bodymounts brace. Great! In its place. Bombproof! This is one of the most iconic R/C big foot.

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super gripper


Very nice Max well done, the MB has always been a fav of mine. Great resto job, looks great.



Thank you Super Gripper.



Here the forum thread: [Click here]



The white and black front lamps are awesome, though I cannot ignore the amazing work you did on the rest of the car! Its is a stunner. It makes me want to restore mine but it is in too good of shape to do a resto, plus it has a story to tell. Keep up the good work!



Thank you very much Pintopower!



That looks beautiful. What a great job you've done. I really like the white you've used on the spot lights too. I might have to 'borrow' that idea on mine. Well done.



Thank you Andy Andy.

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