Model: (Click to see more) 58058: Blackfoot
Status: Restored
Date: 22-Sep-2012
Comments: 8
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the Blackfoot was my first true R/C love when i was a kid in the 80's. it's been the memories of that great truck that have driven me most since i got back into tamiya RC's after my dad passed away as a way to reconnect. when i got this in the mail today from ebayer 1689johns i could see all the hallmarks of a person who had as much love and respect for this truck as i do. the packaging was almost religiously perfect. once open, the truck was partly disassembled for travel. the wheels - which looked like they had never touched the ground - were all in the original wheel box. the bumper and body mounts were all in the parts box with original blister packing. if i had to guess, this beauty was built recently from an original vintage kit. it's just too clean and perfect even to have been a shelf queen all these years. unboxing it and reassembling it almost brought me to tears. i felt like i had stepped through a time machine and taken my childhood truck right off my dad's workbench after we had finished building it. unreal.

spotless and perfect chrome grill gleaming and unscathed all decals perfect and 100% box art view of Ron from passenger side the truck also came with a vintage Tx - so cool! driver side view gearbox & underchassis hood closeup Ramblin' Ron is painted with masterful precision that Epson printer deserved to die!




What can I say...great truck and story...I get it.

Crash Cramer


That is a great story and a great buy, too bad I didn't run into this guy last time I was up in the area as I was staying with the in-laws who live about 45 minutes from Mansfield, OH. Better luck next time, but you got a great buy.



Wow, you usually do not see perfect new built ones on Ebay too often-- nice job!



Love it!

taz man rc


wow now thats a nice bit of kit



Now that's one spotless and perfect Blackfeet! Sweet ride dude



Thats Class! Ramblin' Ron looks Happy in this ride!



This sure is a beauty of a truck!

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