Model: (Click to see more) 99964: SG
Status: New built
Date: 25-Sep-2012
Comments: 9
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This project seriously has taken up a lot of my spare time for a quite a while. I really didn't want to half do this car and I've had the completed car in mind all this time. This SG has turned out exactly as I had hoped and I am really happy with the finished product.

The inspiration for this build steps back to when I first began racing off road in the 1980's. I found out a class mate in high school had one of these cars and he never got it onto the race track so I asked him to come along with me to a meeting to run his car out on a real race track. While he really enjoyed the meeting his car let him down in a big way. The plastic input drive gears in the gearboxs didn't last long and his car was plagued with other problems. Sadly despite all our best efforts we never did get that car to work properly and in the end the car was sidelined and replaced by a JRX PRO.

All these years later and not to be beaten by a few gremlins I wanted to build up a car that in a way resembled that of the car which failed us all those years ago. I still don't think this car is the ideal vintage racer but I am confident I could get this car to finish a race or too (even if at the back end of the field).

I opted to fit EAGLE 'Supershot' type spikes as these were the tyres my old pal ran on his car back in the day. Everything on this car had to be period correct right down to the Beat2 radio set which he used back then.

Today I wish we were still intouch but sadly I moved states not long after finishing high school and we lost contact. If only I could find him now and hand him the transmitter so he could take this car for a spin and relive childhood memories the way they should have been :mrgreen:




Classic. I never knew about this car back in the day but it certainly is an interesting one. I am surprised in the days of Facebook you haven't been able to track your old friend down. I have to admire all the great vintage racers you have restored and I am a big fan of the spec and detail you put into them to make them period correct. Great job!



A strange but beautiful looking buggy...this will look awesome going around a track. Your friend would be proud. Nice work!



That is a super cool buggy! Never seen one in person but sure looks killer in the photos!



Very cool to see this, I had forgotten about the car but the name reminded me and these pictures brought it back so much fun to see rare cars I read about as a kid



What an awesome looking buggy! A job well done on this one Jason.



Fantastic job on this unusual buggy - such a great looking & unique chassis, the nearest I can think of is the TT Predator with the shaft drive & F1 style suspension arms - the battery arrangement doesn't exactly work well with the stick or saddle 'sandard' for the day, but it must be well balanced? Love the period paint job too 8-)



great job on this Bormac im a bit scared about attempting that paint job on mine when i finally get round to it but you've pulled it off in style i'm sure your mate would love to have seen this fantastic little buggy !!



What a fantastic looking car and a great story. I never knew this car before, even though I started rc cars in the late 80's Really does look very cool, think this will be on my list to get hold of next for sure Thanks



Italians made some great looking cars and buggies

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