Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: New built
Date: 11-Oct-2012
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KYOSHO TF-4R manual. I was surprised when I couldn't find one of these online so here it is for all you all fans of the Kyosho TF range! :-)

Sorry some of the pages aren't straight but scanning these things is very dull and I was beginning to lose the will to live. If you have any old or unusual touring cars for sale please email me I love 'em.

UPDATE January 2021: I don't know what happened to my original uploads of parts 2 and 3 of this manual but I've put them back up for reference.

It's been a decade (!) since I first uploaded the manual for this classic Kyosho touring car and despite the huge changes of competition chassis design over this period it's timeless good looks still make it stand out :)

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Kyosho TF-4 R manual Part 2



Hello there!

Have you uploaded Part 2 of the TF4 Manual?

I have a basket case of an TF4 and a box of different rc parts from various brands and models.
So I need to find out what's missing and what's fitting

Kind regards


Hi Spike,
AKA Baldieman on TamiyaClub! I notice you have up to page 10 of the Kyosho TF-4 Manual, if this indicates you don't have the rest I would love to help as I have either owned or still own many Kyosho models! I have the original manuals and have scanned most of my manuals! in the TF range I can help you free of charge with TF-2, TF-3, TF-3R, TF-4, TF-4 R and some more! Simply e-mail me what you would like and I will e-mail them to you all the way from Plettenberg Bay, South Africa!
Kindest Regards



Hi Graham
Thank you for the offer on the TF manual I did post part two of the manual at about the same time as part 1 but it appears to have disappeared from my showroom. I'm embarrassed to admit that I hadn't noticed. If you have the manual available from page 11 onwards it would be very handy but I suppose you may as well post it in your showroom and I'll just delete my one. I wish was in Plettenberg Bay - looks beautiful.

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