Model: (Click to see more) 58296: CLK-DTM2002 AMG-Mercedes
Status: Runner
Date: 8-Jul-2003
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What concerns vintage Tamiya's I always try to restore or built them to match the original model as close as possible. But what concerns the newer models I always like to try to built them in a "street version". Same story for this Mercedes CLK-DTM 2002 AMG. I cuted the decals in such a way that only the "AMG"-letters are visible together with the stripes. I cuted the window decals so that only the black outlines are used and so that you can see through them. I also preferred not to paint it black because everyone has one in black... so I opted to paint it in Tamiya Gun Metal.
I personally think the color combination of the paint and the decals worked out fine. This won't be a shelf queen because I needed an on-road runner and I think it's perfect for the job. From time to time I like to challenge people for a sprint and so this will be the body I'll be using.
PS: Interesting detail: The sides of the rear wing have a carbon pattern. These are pieces I've cut out of the rests of a carbon pattern painted body and glued to the wing sides.

The carbon pattern rear wing sides


Maxxed Ross


That looks really cool mate, I'm a big fan of the 'street' look too!

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