Model: (Click to see more) 58080: Astute
Status: Runner
Date: 29-Oct-2012
Comments: 4
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This is another car that seat on my shelf without much use. Is completely stock except for ball bearing all around, ESC and Hi Cap shocks.
Used only 3 times (2 on carpet....) for fun. In stock configuration is the king of understeer, and delicate as a crystal glass, but i think it looks awesome! :)

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Ahahahah! The King of Understeer!!! Nice! This is due the tight rear ball differential. If you open the rear toe probably the understeer decrease. For the fragility you can read these: [Click here]



Great looking buggy!! I should say Awesome looking buggy!! just like the wing says!!!



You don't know understeer until you drive an original Falcon LOL. Nice buggy - looks great!



Awesome car! Mine too was only used a handful of times to test a few modifications after I purchased it new back in '91 before being inadvertently retired to the shelf for the last ~17 years for no other reason than a lack of time to use it. It's still officially a 'runner' but I'm glad I haven't run it that much. The hi-caps are absolutely the best mod for this car...silky smooth.

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