Model: (Click to see more) 58416: Rising Fighter
Status: NIB
Date: 14-Nov-2012
Comments: 3
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Third time of owning.

With quite a few kits I have re-purchased just to see it in action again or I have found something new about it and my interest is rekindled, it varies

Although the parts count is low enough to shake the box to assemble it, there is just an unshakable interest in a model like this that is soo basic it still runs well and is fun, but I suppose that's Tamiya!

The Highlight's...
Cheap price
Hard body
Foil decals
Driver figure
Coloured blue plastic body

Friction shocks
Photo art box cover
... are the the lows

Bearings, steel pinion, sport tuned motor and oil shocks will be added, this time round it will be run sensibly!

UPDATE 01/01/2015
With the start of a new year, it seems sadly that the Rising Fighter has been discontinued!

UPDATE 04/03/2015
Seems to have come back! But for how long?




Good solid fun buggy and cheap!!



Yes and another one I don't need to paint!



Yep thats a bonus!!

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