Model: (Click to see more) 58047: Hotshot
Status: Runner
Date: 18-Nov-2012
Comments: 11
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After seeing and reading about Crash Cramers awesome hopped up 'Dream Hotshot' a couple of weeks ago , it spurred me on to’ finish’ my vintage Hotshot.
The Vintage chassis is used and generally in good shape. All the hop ups are NOS which I collected over the years.

I love the black alloy wheels which was the starting point for this project.

The front and rear shocks are You – G, with Parma front and rear shock towers. Said it before but You-G makes some super quality hop ups. Love how solid they are.

Alloy hubs were sourced in on TC.. not sure who manufactures them, but I like them as they are alloy colored and match the wheels nicely I think. Front bumper is You-g, and the rear wing is Thorp DirtBurners.

I’ve fitted the Parma bump steer eliminator kit too. Motor is a dirt tuned Tamiya. I still have more parts to source and add, mostly for the gear boxes. I still need to install the Dirtburners alloy spindles ( steering knuckles) which are also NIP. Those took me years to find!
I cracked open my vintage body set and went with a white & candy blue body and wanted to keep the decals mainly to a few colours. I have to re-fit the front sway bar, just need to cut the body a touch more to do so.
Love the hotshot! This will go up on the block though as I just want one perfect runner!


If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
restored and ready to run


Tamiya Monkey


the white paint and dark wheels make it stand out from the rest of the crowd, very nice job.



Great colour blend of parts....well done on it






I've never been a fan of the blue bling, but everytime I see a Boomer or Hotshot with You-G parts I make an exception - they just seem so suited to these chassis and with the right colour scheme really do take the visuals to another level - Looks fantastic

super gripper


Nice looking Hotshot, I have done all of this and more to my re re boomerang. Watch those alloy hubs as they snap the axles, i have gone back to plastic as I now use UJ's. The alloy rear wing looks good but un-ballances the car with the weight so high up. The car would also handle a lot better with a boomerang chassis to get rid of the horrible bump steer.

Crash Cramer


That one makes mine look wimpy. That is one mean looking runner you have there. The B I G rear wing is one I have on a Fox, but thought it was a bit big for that car too. I really dig your You-G rear dampers, hope you still have the package header card as I want to know what part number it is since it is really different from my rear damper set. Which wheel hubs do you have on this?? I love your selection of decals, subtle but just right.



Absolutely awesome!! I love all the hop-up parts on this.



Thanks all, I had fun building it up and running it!. The wing sure is large, but I have a thing for large alloy wing! @Super Gripper, I'll watch for the alloy hubs. @ Crash Cramer... nah mate, your's is brilliant. I'm envious of the work you've done inside the gearboxes for sure! I have the header cards somewhere, and I'm pretty sure these were Boomerang rear shocks that I just took a gamble on. they work perfectly.

Crash Cramer


AHH, that would explain it as the Boomer came with some pretty big CVA shocks to start with. Good gamble, time for a trip to Vegas.

Crash Cramer


Still love looking at this, where did the carbon fibre front brace come from?? Custom home made?



I think I took it from my DF-03... That was a long time ago!

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