Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Runner
Date: 11-Dec-2012
Comments: 5
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I took this photo earlier in the year when I was lucky enough to find this car locally and meet the gent who had it new for his 16th birthday; we spoke for a while about how his scorcher always beat his mate’s holiday buggy when they raced at a location I still use now :) I have had this picture on my desktop ever since as for me it’s a great example of what this hobby is all about, having fun with like minded people and sharing memories from when your car was King :) this is a scorcher/rough rider hybrid it is exactly how I got it and how the previous owner left it years ago in the loft after all his mates cars got smashed or forgotten. This is an honest original SRB sand scorcher which now lives in my sitting room.

Merry Christmas guys :)





Very true! Classic!!



Nice old machine and I like the slightly dirty used look, it wouldn't be the same with a perfect shelf queen



Looks lovely and dirty! I like the KC decals on the headlights and red/white paint job.



THE buggy. Enough said.



Cheers for the comments guys, I'm chuffed to own this buggy, I am a big fan of the look of it, it has proper character even my wife likes it lol which is why it sits in the lounge on display exactly as I received it with mud and missing parts

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