Model: (Click to see more) 58060: Monster Beetle
Status: Restored
Date: 19-Dec-2012
Comments: 2
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Hello to all of you,
finally I had to join the full access here at TC!
So I want to add my first model here, which I´m working on at the moment. After all the years, I had to finally have it end of this summer, and purchased a used one for a reasonable price. Some parts were missing, like the light bar, and the spur gear was stripped. But thanks to RE-Re Frog, I took some spare parts to rebuilt the gear.
It came like a desease to me and then my buddy Gerd, so both wanted to have 2 finally, for the shelf and for fun in the summer!
But pics say more, this is going to be my runner with alloy wheels, Brushless 17,5t and LED lighting...
Thanks for all the guys here and the great models, without you I would have never started this project!

Preparation of the rear lights with LED´s Glued on Restored C.V.A. with TRF piston... New guidings and seals, too. I´d gone crazy in the meantime... Went together today, can´t wait to test!


Tamiya Tim


That slipper mod is a great idea!! How did it work?



Thanks Tim,
the prototype slipper is finished now,
and run well on the bench.
Had some clearance issues, but now it´s fixed. I will switch gear boxes soon and test it in the car in January. Then I will give further info in my MB thread!

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