Model: (Click to see more) 58060: Monster Beetle
Status: Restored
Date: 23-Dec-2012
Comments: 5
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Before Christmas,
here some progress on my bodywork. Seems to be the right time of the year to illuminate also the Tamiyas.
Although having painted only Lexan shells for the last years, the result turned out o.k. for me, maybe even slightly too good for the Runner. But for sure, it will be run gently and not do silly stunts.
The wheels are my favourites from RC-Lover in Hongkong, but this store seems to be closed at the moment. Seems I ordered in time this year. This parts are one of the best alloy rims I´ve seen so far.
Merry Christmas to you all,

Body after painting on the Shelfer chassis. Leds 'built in' the body License plate illumination before painting. Illumination test on the front. Hard to catch on the photo, but yeeeessss. (-; The front wheel. Rear wheel has hex drive and needs Frog adapter.

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That is turning out very well!



i love all cool tricks! nice and shiny too. are you going to use MB decals, or maybe a bumble bee theme would be pretty awesome!



Glad you like the build,
I already have some custom decals, but they are not the best quality. For the moment they will do the trick. If you have any ideas where to get good MB decals, please let me know! I need a good set for my shelfer still...
Bumble Bee would be really funny, but I already started sticking them!



Cool rims



Amazing in yellow, wonderful specimen you have there!

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