Model: (Click to see more) 58027: Ford F150 Ranger XLT
Status: Project
Date: 18-Jan-2013
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Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I've been after a Ranger F-150 for a while now, whilst looking around i found Time Tunnel Models here in the UK. I obtained the body parts numbers for the Blackfoot 3 and received them through the post this morning. At the moment i have temporarily fitted the body to my SS chassis along with front cut down 915's and i think it looks ok. I'm on the lookout for another SRB chassis if anyone has one to restore. The part numbers if anyone is interested are below, i didn't bother with the roll bar, lights or the decals.

Blackfoot III Bodyset

Glass - 19005372 - G Parts

Grill/Bumpers - 19115325 - J Parts

Roll Bar - 10445076

Roll Bar Lights - 10115086 - L Parts

Tail Gate/Driver - 19000249 - H Parts

Body - 10335128

Stickers – 19495684

Received my new chassis from RallyeBaz today all in original condition, cheers Barry! I've stripped it down and given all the alloy to a guy who will aqua blast the parts. He quickly had a go and showed me the results, wow, brand new again! I mounted the Blackfoot body on the chassis and it looks like i'll need to modify it unless i've missed something obvious!

Not going to go too mad, i'll make a list of parts i need and make it into a runner.

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Another project part 3!




Looking good. Tempted to do this conversion myself if Tamiya never re-release the Ranger.



I really like these and am becoming a bit too addicted to Tamiya as I have just bought a shell for one of these that needs restoration. I realized I have got a set of ranger wheels not Brat ones but the deeper ones. Too many projects draining my time and money!

SRB Bloke


Nice work so far, looking forward to seeing it on a new chassis.



Chassis sorted, thanks Barry!



This has all the makings of a classic project. Look forwad to seeing it develop.



Ohhh, sweet!

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