Model: (Click to see more) 56301: King Hauler
Status: Extra info
Date: 1-Feb-2013
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This is the gearbox out of my 6x6 truck I built in autumn last year. I decided to have another go at the transfer case I built to go on the back of the king hauler gearbox, as it was rather large, clunky, heavy, and gave the truck poor ground clearance. So this is the start of the mk2 version. I've replaced the rear gearbox plate with one I made myself, which allows me to add a couple of extra gears and an output shaft that has outputs for front and rear axles. I still need to make a transfer case cover to bolt onto the back of the new plate to support the bottom 2 shafts, and also need to fill in the hole I cut into the bottom of the plastic gearbox casing to make room for the UJ. (I wanted the UJ tucked up as close I could get it to the bottom of the gearbox to maximise ground clearance.
More details of the build of the truck can be found in the forum here:




That's really an incredible work. Would be great if you could upload a video if the truck when you get it ready.

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