Model: (Click to see more) 58519: Toyota 4x4 Pickup Bruiser
Status: NIB
Date: 7-Feb-2013
Comments: 7
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Just received 2 New Bruiser's today! Gonna start on one of them this weekend with my oldest daughter. She's thirteen and I promised her a Older Bruiser that I have, but I said let's build some new ones. Nothing like getting a new kit, taking off the plastic wrap and opening the box! She's excited to build it. I'll post pictures when it's completed. My 8 year old wants one as well. She will have drive one of my older trucks first. I'll get her a new to build for when she is ten.

What, about 26 years ago the first Bruiser came out. I missed on getting a nib one cause the local hobby shop closed. They were letting people do lay away so they could pay for it. Just as I was working and decided to go do that they closed. I did get my first Bruiser though in 1990. It was perfect! Have 15 3 speeders plus these 2 new ones now. Yikes!


mr alan


FAB! Enjoy the build!



Very nice , i have two as well , just got the 2nd one on tuesday . They look fun to build , as i do have the old vintage one as well .
WOW !! You have 15 3speed's . Very lucky man . May you & your daughters injoy building you new two .



Wow, fantastic. I need one of these !



Lovely sight! Enjoy building that with your daughter. Mine is only 4 so it is probably a bit early to get her into building 3-speeds!



That's a great way to give them life long memories, I'm sure the will love the build.



Thanks for all the compliments. It will give them great memories. I really need to update my Showroom. I'll get that done. More models to list soon.



Wouw, one of these is great, but two 😍.

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