Model: (Click to see more) 58107: Top Force Evolution
Status: Project
Date: 18-Feb-2013
Comments: 7
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This one has a bit of history!!
When I first started collecting I came across a 959 so I added it to trade room and got heaps of offers overnight and picked out a local TC member (Type49rs) and he offered the TF evo I didn't even know what it was and said why not, So the deal was done !
Fast forward a few years and was going through a divorce so John brought it back, Then sold on again.
Fast forward a few more years I got a random text saying ' TF evo on trade me' so I went onto site done the buy now and replied to text NO IT'S GONE lol (all whilst out at a funtion aswell)
Well it turns out to be the same car and the bonus is it came with a futaba esc and servo now and still in nice condition too




What a great story & a great looking car!



Great recovery, well played Bruce. What an animal this is.



He he, just after I sent the text I realised that you wouldn't know who it was. Great to see that the Evo is still in awesome condition. It's funny that we were only just talking about this car a few weeks earlier and then it re-appears.



Great story and a story I can relate too. Nevertheless a nice recovery and the TF family is more complete!



Thanks for all the comments guys much appreciated.
It's so nice to have it back !!



Beautiful model, looks super clean, TF envy over here haha!



fantastic the color combo and stance.

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