Model: (Click to see more) 84270: Avante Black Special
Status: NIB
Date: 26-Feb-2013
Comments: 7
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The Tamiya Avante was re-released in early 2011. The original R/C kit was released in 1988. To commemorate 35 years in producing Radio Control products, this version of Tamiya's Avante (2011) off-road buggy now comes as a limited edition Black Special. This special kit comes with Item 84256 Avante (2011) Racing Steering Set and Item 84257 Avante (2011) Torque Splitter Set. Also included are: Item 53005 Avante Lightweight Narrow Wheels and Item 53006 Avante Lightweight Wide Wheels......

Always wanted one when I was a kid but I knew that would never happen. This one came from Hong Kong. managed to get the Titanium screw set, 3mm Lunsford Punisher Plus titanium turnbuckles and Hi-Cap dampers to match. I have since found every hop up for this beauty including a spare body to make an original version. WILL BE BUILT.

-Lovely blisters. Black & classic Avante decals. -Spare body and classic wheels. -All Hop Ups available.

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