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Date: 15-Mar-2013
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This car really is as rare as hens' teeth!. A legendary icon of the golden 80s! It was a superb race winning machine back in the day, often leaving the 4WD cars in the dust due to it's fantastic supspension and reliability.

The rear supspension arms each have their own built in chain drive. And the engine sits all the way in the back, resulting in frequent front wheel lift :-)

It truly is an amazing piece of engineering!

I would guess there are less than 5 of these in this condition in the whole world. So this is super rare!

It is NIB / new built. It came 99% pre-built from the factory. The body shell is nicely cut out. All contents are in place. The box is just a grey box, it didn't come with a bow with any text or images. Nor did it come with any decals.

In addition this exact car has been part of a RC car exhibition at the Technical Museum in Norway in 2012 - so it's famous!

The tires have been preserved unmounted, dark and air tight. Look and smell like new!

Update 17.4.2013: Sold on ebay to a lucky UK bloke for USD 215. I paid myself USD 390 + 89 shipping from Japan NIB back in december 2008. Regret selling it now :-( I even got an offer pr. email at USD 350 which I turned down, stupid me :-)

1 1 At the Norwegian Technical Museum in 2012!!! Fresh rubba! :-) 1 1




Very cool! thats a beaut!!



Fantastic car - highest finishing 2wd car in the Euro champs back in 83.



Like the first photo says: cool, especially with that Corvette-like body! I had never seen a Lupus before.



sorry for you, next time i recommended use buy now option, unfortunately this hobby is not in good health. too many re relase, and many collector have lost interesting for this business, this is my opinion.

Crash Cramer


That sure is different. I think that body is a Greenwood Corvette intended for an RC12 from around the same era.

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