Model: (Click to see more) 58415: Toyota Tundra High Lift
Status: New built
Date: 23-Mar-2013
Comments: 3
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Here is my Toyota Tundra hilux, really like these 3sp trucks..i have only started this year after years of looking at them... did some tests yesterday on my local hill and the locked diff setup really opens up the trucks ability to climb really steep hills and turn at the same time.. Now the big descision is do i invest in the multifunction unit or just add lights.. here is a question how do i wire up the lights so that i can use the spare 4th channel left and right movements to switch the lights on an off? ideally i would like to use one movement to turn switch main lights on and off and the other movement to turn the spots on an off..

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Great Truck! I have Multi Function Units in my 1/14 scale trucks and they are awesome. Highly recommended!



That's a good color for that truck

Grumpy pants


Very nice, a really purposeful looking bit if kit.
I'm sure it will give your hours of fun.

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