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Status: Project
Date: 26-Mar-2013
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Got this car in trade for a wash and fiks of a kyosho pure ten alpha :-D I even trew in a free bottle of fuel:-D Hehe.
It got a Datsun body not the Bmw but its unpainted so not complaining there.
If anybody got some rear tires and rims for sale let me know as the ones one the car is worn out.
front wheels is in great condition.
When the original owner bought it from the store it was missing the rear tires and rims so he got a good deal on it. This was back in 1987 and it has the Hitec challenger transmitter set.I dont know what brand the rear wheels are so looking for a orginal set new or in runner condition.
Box is a bit worn but the manual and decals are there.
I also need a top for the radio box and a driver to make it complete.
He just used it a few tanks on asphalt mainly he said
But it just span around and wore down the tires so it was placed in the basement where it was until recently.
A great find who i will restore as good as i can and put on the shelf(unless i get a great offer on it :-D)

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That's a very nice find. I notice that all these early cars from the late 70's from different manufacturer's all share the same chassis components (Robbe, Kyosho, Hobby Products). The arms, chassis, front and rear mounts and engine mounts. It seems to have been the same chassis used across several manufacturers. Interesting.



I recently heard that in Germany it was also sold with a Datsun Fairlady shell



It was probably sold with a couple of different body versions.Dont think i have seen the box with the fairlady body on yet

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