Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: New built
Date: 5-Apr-2013
Comments: 11
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TA01 Build with period Tamiya Hop-Ups....

53099 Manta Ray F.R.P Double Deck Chassis Set.
53100 Carbon Graphite Chassis Plates.
53167 4WD Touring & Rally Car Ball Bearing Set.
53155 Low Friction Aluminium Damper Set Black Japan Event Version. (FRONT)
53155 Low Friction Aluminium Damper Set. Black Japan Event Version (REAR)
53070 Manta Ray Ball Diff Set. (FRONT)
53070 Manta Ray Ball Diff Set. (REAR)
53124 Tungsten-Carbide Diff ball Set. (FRONT)
53124 Tungsten-Carbide Diff ball Set. (REAR)
53219 Aluminium Pressure Plate Set. (FRONT)
53219 Aluminium Pressure Plate Set. (REAR)
53071 Manta Ray Torque Splitter Set.
53164 Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft Set.
53193 FRP Front Damper Stay.
53194 FRP Rear Damper stay.
53127 Skyline Speed Tuned Gear Set.
53115 Universal Shaft Set. (FRONT)
53115 Universal Shaft Set. (REAR)
53217 Hard Cup Set. (FRONT)
53217 Hard Cup Set. (REAR)
53142 Aluminium Motor Mount.
53226 Aluminium Front Hub Carriers
53189 TA02 Stabiliser Set.
53141 Light Weight King Pin Set.
53191 4WD Turnbuckle Tie-Rod Set
53192 4WD Turnbuckle Upper Arm Set
53056 Pin Type Aluminium Wheel Adaptors.
53596 Aluminium Servo Stay. (Short)
50420 Celica GT-Four 2 Piece Wheel Set.
50454 Slick Tyres Set.
53162 Black Anodized Wheel Nuts.
53263 Dyna-Run Motor.
53030 850 Sealed Ball Bearing X1 Pack (steering)



Chain Driven


Very clean looking chassis. I have a FF01 project following the same idea of using all available period Hop ups though I have not done it yet.



Great chassis, I loved my hopped up one back in the day.. you should take it to a track and give it a run



Lovely maxxed out TA01 - got to be happy with that !



Looks great

Tamiya Era





You should add alloy trf dampers, too and then it's a complete and very expensive beast

Aussie Top Force


Very nice! It is testament to chassis has been around for over years now! Tamiya certainly made some profits from the original Manta Ray and the numerous variations that followed as buggies and tourers.

Cossie P100


Thanks for all your kind comments guys, there really appreciated and make this project all the more worthwhile.
Its taken me over 3 years to source all the parts.
@ Aussie TF, i think this chassis may of been the most lucrative for Tamiya.
@ qatmix Run it.... Are you MAD
Thanks again to all whole have commented.



WOW !!!!

Cossie P100


Thanks Beppe



Since you're not running it...has anyone else got experience with the torque splitter? How does it drive? I thought about building one myself, using a one-way bearing and modifivying the front idle gear. So, does it rock?

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