Model: 84105: TTG Buggy Champ (Blue)
Status: Runner
Date: 13-Apr-2013
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A few years ago, shortly after I got back into RC, Tamiya released a new series of Tamtech Gear, very different from the og series. I picked up a Fox and had the greatest fun with it. It was hardly run and apart from two diffs, I never broke a single part.
I retired the car after a good year and a half of abuse. I wanted to run it again, but seeing it on the shelf with its nice new shell and shoes gave me afterthoughts...
That envy never left me, and a few months ago, I began searching for another TT-gear chassis to run, and specifically a GB-02 Buggy Champ, because I read the front end worked much better than the GB-01.
I was surprised to see that the line had apparently been discontinued by Tamiya. Someone had one for sale here, but he wanted a very high price for it, that I wasn't ready to pay.
So after a few more searches, I finally found a NIB GB-01 Wild Boar for very cheap in Germany. Then it was easy; I bought the GB-02 front end conversion, a clear body shell, front and rear tires, and front wheels. Rear chrome wheels are nowhere to be found so I painted of set of white wheels to match the front ones, and I think they came out quite nice, don't you think?
I painted the shell, and used some of my custom decals.
Other options include the Graupner Speed 300 motor, hex titanium screws and de-anodized 3racing hydraulic shocks. I also ballraced the front pivot arms.
I have already driven it quite a lot, and it's still as fun as in my memories. But I had to change the radio gear, after a lost of signal caused a crash (damper parts were broken but have been replaced since). I have replaced the stock radio and receiver with a 2,4 ghz Spektrum system, and now I can run it without fear of losing control.
The last photo shows the car with its runner shell and wheels, and the great little lipo batteries I found after a long search: they fit perfectly in the chassis without any mods and are the perfect boost of power. Graupner Speed 300, lipos and 2,4 ghz radio: the perfect combination for this great runner.

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Encore une belle réalisation de votre part, j' adore ce que vous faites avec vos voitures, elles sont magnifiques



Merci, mais je crois qu'on peut se tutoyer

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