Model: (Click to see more) 58168: Alpine A110
Status: New built
Date: 30-Apr-2013
Comments: 5
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I got this nice model yesterday when someone at work sent an email round asking if anyone was interested in an old Tamiya RC car. Well I was there to investigate! This is a new build ex display model that he said he bought from a closing model shop years ago. Its not a model that I was after but had admired before. So for £100 I got this with an unstarted body set mint decals and never used radio gear and battery. The chassis is mint, when I charged the battery and put batteries in the transmitor which is also mint everything worked and it had a quick carefull drive up my hallway. Im looking forwards to doing the body, then i will just shelf it I think.
Best wishes Big Duke..

Mint chassis Nice untouched body set and rally decals New build chassis




This is an absolute bargain for 100 quid! These chassis are becoming quite rare, and though the body and wheels have been re-released, nothing beats the feel of the original!



Hop up shocks too,super price and loverly car.Body sets are available for this again at the moment,might be worth investing in a spare so you are more inclinded to run her.



Thanks guys. Im looking forward to doing the body. Just wish it had an interior. I may fit one.



Yes a bargain definitely. Just make sure you do a good job of the body as I think these are one of Tamiyas best scale/detail cars, a good job on the body wil also insure its desirability and thus keep its value. Beautiful car!



Thanks Dirt-540. I will do my best with the body and am going to add the rally decals as I dont think the re release came with these. So that should make it stand out. just a shame you dont get a cockpit.

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