Model: (Click to see more) 58452: Sand Scorcher
Status: NIB
Date: 4-May-2013
Comments: 5
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I bought this from Modelzone in Reading about 2 years ago and was going to build it. I then bought an original which I restored and recently aquired a new build re re which I want to run. The re re sits lower and has much less rear suspension travel and there are more differences than you think but its still very cool. I will just keep this as is for now as its a nice piece and the blister packs are unique to the SRB re releases I think.

Fantastic artwork even with the false sponsors Nice and faithful to the original NIB


SRB Bloke


You can't have too many SRB's in your collection.. Will always be the coolest box for me..



Also loving the Re-Re. Sits nice beneath my original, and it´s also my runner. Never compared too close, but what is the reason for the reduced rear suspension travel? I converted my Re-Re with the RC-Channel-kit, which also limits rear travel slightly. Will fix that next, as it´s my runner.






I think and I could be wrong that it sits lower to close the gap in the wheel arches because the original had larger nicer shaped arches, so the rear shocks have reduced travel. Thats just my guess but it definately sits lower than my original.

Grumpy pants


I'm with SRB Bloke, you can't have to many!
If my pockets were deeper I had more as well!
Nice kit to own this one.

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