Model: (Click to see more) 58017: B2B Racing Side Car
Status: Project
Date: 12-May-2013
Comments: 2
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This picture is of my Scorcher project along with my Superchamp and B2B. The B2B came from one of the Tamiya club member that i found on ebay,so it may well have been on here before. It is in almost complete condition with original paint and stickers. There is a small amount of damage to the body,but nothing that cant be fixed. The only question is whether to repaint and loose the originality,or leave as it is. The chassis is in very good order with no damage and all the parts in place. This may just get a clean minor repairs and then left as it is.

Should i leave it original,or restore and repaint? Chassis is complete and in good condition This is a tiny motor considering its 1/8 scale One of the riders even still has his visor. Rare Original mount has poor repair. Will renew this Original tyres are very good.




Leave it original, it looks great as it is! More pictures would be awesome, by the way.



Hey Mongoose,i will be posting more pictures soon. I agree,i think it is better to leave this one as is with its aged paint and decals.

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