Model: (Click to see more) 58034: Super Champ
Status: Project
Date: 12-May-2013
Comments: 3
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I found this Superchamp at an indoor rc track not far from where i live. I was looking up at some high shelving and spotted the front suspension sticking out from a pile of stuff. Thinking it was a Rough rider i asked the owner to get it down so i could take a look. It was pretty rough and had broken front uprights,but for a 'donation' of £25 to the local charity tin,it was mine. It turned out to be very original and almost complete,so with a new (old stock) front end,the addition of a ball race set and a good clean it is almost ready to go. I have not got around to finding an original front bumper yet,and the steering rods are missing,but im sure they will turn up soon. I was surprised but glad no-one else had spotted this as the owner told me it had been there for many years,and until i asked him about it,he had forgotten about it himself.

Almost done. Just the bumper to find. Missing front steering rods. Anyone got any? Chassis in in great condition Maximum suspension travel. Restrictors not fitted Original stickers and paint are pretty good. Tiny area of damage on the front




Love it looks GREAT in black!

Crash Cramer


Cool, the comments button is working. I would have to say that since this is painted black, the re re black bumper should suit it perfectly, that or a custom alu one will do the trick too. Very nice find and good eye, it has paid off well.



Thanks for your feed back guys. I think it looks good in the black,although it does remind me of the Hornet. More photos coming soon. Cheers

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