Model: (Click to see more) 58042: Porsche 956
Status: Project
Date: 14-May-2013
Comments: 2
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This rather sorry looking Porsche 956 Racing Master was an ebay purchase some time ago. I have just started the resto (as though i didnt have enough on the go at the moment...),and as the pictures show,its coming along well.

As it arrived. The body is ok,just loosing its paint. The chassis is pretty well all there. The lower chassis deck has seen some action Rear wheel mount was broken and the wheel glued on Original Tamiya Black endurance motor fitted Looking better for a good clean and polish NOS wheels and tyres fitted. A good polish got rid of the worst of the marks. Oooh...rare NOS decals


Crash Cramer


I have to do one of these too, would the new RM wheels and tires work on this one?? I just don't know too much about these cars, but I had to have a chance to work on one when the time came. Thanks in advance for getting with me and helping me restore mine.



Hey Crash.
I didnt know there was a new racing master series. Having just looked one up on the internet,i would say they would be an exact fit,as i cant see any difference between them and the originals. I would have left my original 'yellowed' and aged wheels on if it wasnt for the fact one of them was badly damaged. I like the look of the original plastic parts when they yellow with age. There is a difference in the chassis and deck plates between the Porsche and Toyota kits,but this is just a difference in the shape and design of the holes,so all the parts from one will fit on the other. I have found plenty of parts for the Toyota Toms,but few for the Porsche. These are great when restored,so let me know how it goes.

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