Model: (Click to see more) 99970: R/C Planes & Choppers
Status: Runner
Date: 3-Jul-2013
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My heavily modified DJI Phantom has taken up my 'vintage Tamiya time' for a while now. I will soon start posting more on-topic stuff again, as I have designed various parts I need for my collection of Wild Willys, that I will 3D print on Shapeways.

The Phantom is a small quad, but pretty advanced for it's size, with GPS, barometric altimeter, accelerators, digital compass and so on. I've designed and developed various additional gear for it, 3D printed on Shapeways, like the foldable landing gear seen in the pictures.

It has a 2 axis auto stabilizing gimbal for the GoPro, FPD video Transmitter (send live feed video to my FatShark FPV goggles). I'm designing a new gimbal, as the one I bought has too many design flaws. I have a Futaba 14SG with Telemetry & Head Tracking that I will use for it, OSD (On Scrren Display) gives me live feed data (speed, altitude, GPS coordinates, current drawn, way to home etc.

Different from running my old WW1s indeed.

UPDATE. Added some pics of the old Phantom, with the Tarot T.2D Brushless Gimbal, and Simensays RetroHouse T-model with filter adaptor and some other new bits & pieces.




One word, Awesome!!!



That's really sweet. I have a SIX hexcopter frame from Hobbyking still in the box, along with a KK2.0 board and some ESCs/motors. Won't be long and I'll join you with a multirotor of my own!



Pretty amazing machine!. And nice mods too.. Our son has just bought himself a Parrot AR Drone version 2, which he controls from his iPhone.. Also pretty amazed by that, I have to say



Non - Tamiya but still Awesome !



Über cool!

Crash Cramer


I suspect some spying on the neighbors could get you some extra income as a PI. Tom Selleck could have stayed out of more trouble with one of these.



Very cool looking thing. It sounds like a lot of fun, although I'm not tech literate so would be lost as to what to with it



Great to see this come together. I have seen the parts in shapeways and wondered what you were up to

Fernado Alonso


very nice one! still playing with mine figuring out some things to ;-]
have fun with the DJI,
Cheers Alex

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