Model: (Click to see more) 58549: Agrios 4x4 Monster Truck
Status: Runner
Date: 9-Jul-2013
Comments: 4
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Here are a few pictures I took this afternoon after work. I added a few more upgrades to the truck. Main ones are the shocks, gmade, which were great fun building. Then there are the Xtreme racing servo mounts. To be able to mount it behind the axle at the front I had to use a smaller servo, but it's a good savox 9kg so it works perfectly. Finally, new wheels: txt-1 wheels painted black with CPE faux beadlock rings and REC wheel nuts.
Comments or suggestions are all welcome!

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Grumpy pants


I'm with MAD-BEE, On that one. Awesome truck total BEAST! I wouldn't want to meet it in a car park with anything smaller though.



Fine fine work my friend. I had same agonising problem with xtreme racing front servo mount I decided to mount it in front of the wheels in the end. My fave txt-2 I have seen so far love it



Thank you very much for those comments @gravetxt-1 I had it mounted at the front first and very unhappy about it because that was the reason I bought those mounts. Until I hit a drunk tree full frontal and broke ALL the servo attaches and the back of the servo mount! Even the lower links ball nuts thingy had to be replaced (that's why you can see the nuts at the front bottom of the chassis) I was lucky to have spare ones and I'm so glad I found that servo. Oh and that prompted me to get my first 2.4ghz remote as well

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