Model: (Click to see more) 58027: Ford F150 Ranger XLT
Status: Project
Date: 17-Aug-2013
Comments: 2
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I have to thank fellow Tamiyaclub member Grumpypants for this one,i put out a call for a ranger to restore and he answered it.

As can be seen from the pictures,it needs a fair bit of work,but all the bits are there. The shell may be replaced yet,depends whether i can repair the front of the wing where it joins the front panel. Will post updates as they happen.

As it arrived.Cracked wheel and broken front wing Back panel good,bumper scuffed. Rear bumper cage is scrap. Also the aerial is bent Tyres are rubbish and very dirty. But all there.




Nice buy! Love Rangers, that body is just stunning. Looks like you've got the hard to find original rear window in there aswell. What are your plans for it shelfer or runner? Cheers Marcus



Hey Marcus
Thanks for the comment. Once the damage to the front wing is fixed,it is going to be treated to a new (original) paint job and then i think it will be lightly used. I have just posted some updates on the resto,so check them out.

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