Model: (Click to see more) 58489: Avante 2011
Status: New built
Date: 3-Oct-2013
Comments: 14
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Re release 2011 new built kit .
Lovely kit to build and looks superb when finished .
Dare I run it ?

This kit has lots of parts and is well made and put together .
I just love the driver details and patience pays of when it comes to detailing this model .
If I'm not brave enough to run this I will possibly pick up another used 2011 Avante in the future when funds allow so I can run the legend !!!

Turned out pretty well if I may say so myself Lol !!!
Lots of folk are against re release but without them nib models like this would be out of reach from folk like myself !!!




outstanding !!! i would love this one but untill now its a model that has evaded me , lucky lucky you );



I am 100% for RE-RE's! This looks amazing!



I'm not sure I'm able to not run it... too much curious to experience how it handles, how it performs...
Probably I will buy an Egress re-re... will be a runner, of course

Darth D


I would have a hard time NOT driving this! The driving experience is just as important as the stunning looks in my opinion. Great job!



Same here, if it wasn't for the re-re I wouldn't have the Avante either! I think you should go for the 2nd runner option, this will always look good on your shelf!



Agree with the other guys here..these are awesome and you should run it! That what's so great about the re-re's: you get to assemble a 'vintage' kit and run it without worrying about destroying a 25+ year old original. Can't wait for the re-re Egress!!

Tamiya Era


Piece of Art,,,,very nice



Lookin' schweeetttt! Love anything Avante, beautiful masterpieces!



Thanks everyone for all the input and nice comments much appreciated and good to share a passion with other like minded people from around the world !!!!



The Avante is an amazing runner. I run my rere now and then. At first I wasn't that impressed, but then I threw on some other wheels/tires, and dang, that made a world of difference.

I still take good care of it, but is great driving these things once a while.

Awesome example you have here.



That's a stunner. Looks to good to run



Awesome build!!! Looks to good to run and then again looks to good not to...

Aussie Top Force


Wow, looks great. Re-res are great. I haven't purchased a Re-re myself, but my original Top Force was recently able to compete at a Vintage meet because parts are available! Many of the original parts had stress fractures and needed replacement. Racing vintage was the BEST race meeting I ever had the pleasure of attending! My advice is to keep the lovely body for display and get your self another for racing. WHilst the old cars look good on the shelf, they look even better on the track!

Tamiya Era


Nice built..these buggies will always have these stunning look and feeling...

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