Model: (Click to see more) 58316: Subaru Impreza WRC 2003
Status: New built
Date: 27-Oct-2013
Comments: 5
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love the scale look of rally WRC!!

new builit - Body CUT, Masked, Sprayed, Decal in 1 night!

runner with

Motor : 12T ( equal to 23T brushed motor Power) 3160kv, 182g

Tamiya Brushless ESC 01 TBLE-01

Futabu 3003 Servo

clear wind screen

no front body pole, anyone can see how i fitted?!! easy to spot if you look carefully!!

open front air scoop, grill, intake

Yokomo Light buckets

Speed way pal - exhaust, can't find my single one, so used duo

matt black side mirrors with mirror tape

spray metallic wing, etc..

G.T. Powered LED lights yet to be install

Tamiya Rally interior

TRF Damper Set

see the two screw and scoop at the bonnet??!! see the exhaust?

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Top job - I fancy one myself, being an Impreza driver in rl. How does it go?



You have done a beautiful job with that. You are right... rally cars of all generations just have a lovely scale reality about them.



Drives really well, sliding at corners....
traction control, wheel spins.. etc...
my friend and I was wondering why the heck the cars spools before launching every time it start from a stop!! .... figured that my diff are too loose... lol!!! go figure hahaha!

Grumpy pants


The detailing is spot on and this is the best looking Scooby IMO. It does look very realistic in these photos as well.



I have the same light buckets but have made a mistake on the bodyshell, so need a new one. I could only find them online for £20+!

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