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Status: Project
Date: 2-Nov-2013
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Have been so looking forward to this re-re for months.just love the RC10 with a passion.paid a lot of money for some of these off Ebay from the states a few years ago which included getting caught at customs!! also have a box of spares and a few body shells.treated myself to two re-re but really want to get another! ill give it the full monty brushless system(which i know nothing about!!) bearing etc,well thats the plan its only money lol!!! remember seeing the RC10 for the first time down my local track were i use to go most sundays when they were racing,but just to watch, did race there twice was to expensive getting all the gear and replacement parts,the way it would glide effortlessly around the track at high speed would just blow me away! along with the price lol!! just sooo cool. thanks for looking,all comment welcome.




Nice definitely have an RC10 'problem' and I like it! Just picked up a re-re myself and can't wait to get started.



Great collection. Makes me want a team edition too.



Great fleet of RC10s! these are super cool buggies, I have 2 original gold pans and love them



Very impressive!!



Lovely collection buddy. Totally agree, remember seeing these back in the day at a track near where I lived. They were destroying hotshots easily!! Always wanted one after that, but only got my first gold pan about 8 months ago and it didn't disappoint. Cheers. Pail

Grumpy pants


Wow, what a collection. I must put one of these on my Christmas list!



The golden era!

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