Model: (Click to see more) 58447: Ferrari F60
Status: New built
Date: 30-Nov-2013
Comments: 2
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Hi I recently finished my ferrari F60 & so here it is!
Basically I built the chassis 12 months ago & took one look at the body and thought to hell with that! put it on ebay and zero interest so decided to finish it.
Im not going to lie it was not straight forward build- lexan was a pain to cut side pods, intake etc are all seperate & same goes for painting two colours black & red mica but tamiya masking tape rules! and then the decalls!
Anyway its done now and I think it looks stunning any comments are welcome good or bad thanks for looking


Grumpy pants


This looks really impressive. The deep red gloss and detailing are excellent.



Nice job. These F1s bodies are painful though, trim, trial fit, trim, trial fit, etc.

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