Model: (Click to see more) 99983: Associated
Status: NIB
Date: 12-Dec-2013
Comments: 8
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I've never been a fan of Buggies especially Associated although as some of the original RC10's started creeping on the main showroom page, they got my attention, but was put off by the high prices. When the Re-Release was launched I was blown away by the look of it, especially the gold tub. It was so easy to load up a credit card, although this time I set myself a challenge to raise the funds by selling off mainly diecast models that had just been sitting in plastic crates. Even when I got to the magic total, I still was begrudged paying full price and surprised how many ebay sellers were not interested in a deal outside of ebay. Even my mate who works for a Model shop refused to match the lowest seller on ebay. After getting frustrated I strangely found it on ebay in the UK, only by clicking Worldwide and paid the sum of £189 posted. I was worried to start with as the sellers pic has chrome rims and no rear spoiler. Luckily my fears were set aside when it was the same one. I've yet to see one in Box Art which I really like, but you know me I love a modern twist lol.

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Grumpy pants


Totally with you on your sentiments, I'm not big on buggies either. Although this one with the gold tub has definitely got my attention, even the picture on the box looks good and like you I couldn't bring myself to pay over £200 for one. But I have been taking the odd sneaky peak on the Bay to find one. Nice buy, enjoy the build.



Great purchase!! Like yourself, love this particular model with the gold tub and also had no luck with trying to get one outside of ebay for less. Did also find the same seller who had them for £189 but the price has gone back up

SRB Bloke


Well done my friend. You saved up the funds and found a deal on eBay. Have fun with the build. Updates soon please. .



Sub 200 mission accomplished



Thanks for the comments. Thinking about it I do like the B4 Associated Buggy. Yep a couple of them were sub 200 and now in line with the others. Can you believe the last model I built from the kit was when I was a teenager building the King Cab lol. O the memories

Tamiya Monkey


I need one of these in my collection

hot rod


nice purchase and although tamiya is in my blood i too am tempted. Will go the same route and raise the funds as got to admit like it's looks a lot!!!! well done mate

xray mark


The only non tamiya rerelease that i have any interest in. Love the youtube vids of dads and their some running round in Bermuda shorts frantically charging in- cads that make 5.1 minutes runtime and skimming motors every race!. I bet they had fun tho , get it built.

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