Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 14-Dec-2013
Comments: 4
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I assembled one of those in November 1991 for a friend. Assembly process is straight forward. Very balanced boats. This what kyosho says about it ' Super offshore racing performance! The hurricane is an accurate scale model of a west-coast off-shore catamaran Twin hull super-performance racing Boat. The full-size originals can hit over 200km/hr (125mph), and the hurricane goes just as fast in scale! The twin hulls Give top stability at high speed and Smooth, controllable turns, aided by twin trim fins. The hulls are factory molded of impact resistant and light abs resin. And have a smooth, water-cheating finish. The number of parts to be assembled is small, and the boat goes together quickly and easily. All major components are part Of the kit: twin lemans 360 ST high-performance motors, gearbox unit, high efficiency inboard outboard drive unit, and heavy duty rotary speed controller handles the heavy current of 8.4 volts and twin motors. It's another winner from kyosho!' see it in youtube here:

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My younger brother used to have one of these! Cool boat Marwan.



Nice score! I remember these boats well from BITD and have always loved catamarans. I hope you're going to build and run it.



One of the last Kyosho boats that I assembled for a friend during the late 1990 / early 1991 very solid and sturdy design. The rotary speed controller was having some hard time dealing with the 8.4v and the twin 360ST motors.



Great score! I've been a huge fan and avid collector of vintage fast electric boats and this one is awesome. I was happily running an MRP Fast Cat in the'80's but the Hurricane seems to strike a nice balance between the cheapness of the MRP plastics and the complex plastic/balsa wood assembly of the vintage Graupner boats.

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