Model: (Click to see more) 58019: Williams FW07 (Comp Spec.)
Status: Restored
Date: 20-Dec-2013
Comments: 3
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Finished my Williams so far, missing front wing and mirrors so will be looking for bodyset... Ty for looking. Cheers, Bram
PS added picture of begin!

new chassis How it started




Very nice, good job. You could probably fabricate the missing front wing as it is a really simple design, and the only other Tamiya i have seen a mirror similar to the ones you need is on the Celica Grb i think. I have had to make a few parts for my vintage F1/F2 cars due to lack and rarity of spares.

sand scorcher-mk1


Nice one. Did this kit come with the white bumpers ? Both of mine have black bumpers...



Correct, only i like it more with the white version bumperset! Cheers, Bram

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