Model: (Click to see more) 58024: Sand Rover
Status: Project
Date: 2-Feb-2014
Comments: 5
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This is the result of a wanted ad i placed on this site looking for one of these to restore. Thanks to everyone who replied,but the price was right on this one. It has the usual broken front top mounts,but otherwise is mostly complete and the body isnt damaged. A big thanks to Tamiya club member 'bcollection' for selling me his NOS chassis. It was a good day when i found that.

The chassis has the original rx,servos and motor The usual broken mounts Original motor and gears are good,just need clean The body is mostly complete with no breaks Windscreen,driver and other body bits Decals are original,but paint is poor New old stock chassis. Life is sweet......


SRB Bloke


What very very fond memories I have of this chassis etc... my first tamiya...



Nice project . I've seen some ready made front repair plates on eBay for these

Crash Cramer


Love the body bag. If you find the gears don't clean up as much as you like. I have a NIP bag here.



Lovely project, enjoy.



Thanks for the encouragement guys. In response to Kev the Rev,i was lucky enough to score a NOS original chassis for this,i also have an NOS driver. The only things i am missing are the steering wheel and gearstick. Will post more pics when it is under way.

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