Model: (Click to see more) 58015: Rough Rider
Status: Restored
Date: 3-Feb-2014
Comments: 7
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I was given this to restore by a friend of mine from work, It was a complete mess as some shots show, this is the 1st time I took shots pre clean and probably only did so I could show my friend the progress of it, I have about 96 shots in total but I obviously won't bore you with them all, the longest and most challenging was the shell, it took me a number of hours getting it all down and still was pickling up in places, Didn't want to cheat and get a new one and he was also keen to keep it all original hence the use of the original speed controller too, He was pretty chuffed with it I'm glad to say and he does use it in doors and on fine days. He gave me a sand scorcher in similar condition and will be my next project as soon as I have some time.. Enjoy Jez




Fantastic resto, like brand new.



Excellent restoration! Well done!



Very nice resto! The car really was a mess when you got it. Curious about the next project. Keep us informed.



That's a cracker!!!

Crash Cramer


That is cool, bore us with a few more shots of this one. I dig the full face shield driver treatment.



Which decal set have you used,is it a re-re set or is it an after market vinyl set? I have not found a good set faithful to the original.



Super resto work! Bravo!

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